Mindfulness: Are You Struggling In Life?

Proper analysis of the socio-economic impact of coronavirus is yet to be done. However, it’s pretty clear that we were not ready for such a thing.

Everyone is bothered. It is more difficult to bear this pain when we assume that this is happening ‘only to me’. Two things can help us endure this pain. First, understand that it is not happening only to you. Corona has disrupted the lives of millions. Second point is preparedness for sorrow or pain. ‘Why me? I haven’t done anything wrong!’

Let me tell you a story. Guru Nanak’s group stayed outside a village. Here, a few people who disagreed with his teachings, tried to compel him to go away from there. Looking at this kind of treatment, a disciple asked Nanak, “What would you say to such people.” Nanak replied, “I bless them that these people stay here forever.”

Soon, Nanak and his disciples were heartily welcomed in another village. People were very happy to see Nanak in their village. While leaving that village, the same disciple asked, “What blessings do you have for these villagers?” Nanak replied compassionately, “May the people of this village scatter all around, every man of this village goes into different direction.”

The disciple asked, “Those who gave you pain, you prayed for them to stay there. While you are wishing good people to scatter.”

Nanak explained, “If the bad people scatter all around, this beautiful world will soon be destroyed. But threat will still be there if all the loving and compassionate people stay at only one place.”

Faith in life is a big thing. I don’t have any hesitation in saying that I have learnt more from struggling people.