Mindfulness: Do You Have Time for Yourself?

Being best in life is a good thought, but any path different form the paths of the world becomes a lonely path. This kind of path always misleads and never lets anyone reach anywhere. Reaching somewhere needs an inclusive mind.

A few days ago, I had an opportunity to have a conservation with two industrialists, one from Lucknow and the other form Patna. Both were stressed. They didn’t have any serious problem, but the corona crisis had brought some troubles in their economic conditions.

They were with family and kids, yet they were aloof from them. We regularly emphasise in this column that money may increase facilities, but it is not enough to make us happy and satisfied. Happiness is a feeling born in content solitude. How can an uneasy mind be happy?

The notion of dissatisfaction is the biggest cause of our crisis. This is pulling us away from ourselves. If we surround us with ourselves, we will simply deny ourselves from the energy, fresh thoughts and love.

Keeping oneself busy in job or business is like confining yourself in a room full of only your pictures. Such a person gradually moves away from the society and the world.

That is why it is very necessary that we give time to ourselves. We need to find that part of our mind which is the center of the power.