Josh Allen is bracing for a fine letter (or two)

Bills quarterback Josh Allen had a good day on Sunday against the Rams. He also had a not-so-good day.

Allen drew a foul for unsportsmanlike conduct, along with a facemask penalty. Both likely will come with an involuntary reduction from one of his upcoming game checks.

The 15-yarder for unsportsmanlike conduct happened after Allen believed he was subject to an illegal horsecollar tackle. (The maneuver was legal because it happened in the pocket.)

“I can’t lose my cool,” Allen told PFT by phone after Sunday’s game. “I used bad language that I shouldn’t use to a ref. . . . I’m sure I’ll get a nice little fine for that.”

Surely he will, if he hasn’t already. For both of the things that drew 15-yard fouls during the win over the Rams.